About Wellness Therapy & Medical Care Center

Wellness Therapy & Medical Care Center is a general medicine clinic focused on providing affordable state of the art medical care to patients who cannot afford the high cost of medical insurance and treatments. We work with Discount Plans to provide our patients the best prices for medical services. We also work with many physicians, diagnostic centers and even specialist to bring to our patients a full spectrum of healthcare coverage.

We offer services in three main categories:

-Primary care

General Medicine covers the most important healthcare needs of patients. We have MDs, PAs, ARPAs and many more healthcare professionals working on staff to provide our patients with the best healthcare. Our office consolations are affordable to everyone at a low price of $50.00 for those who do not have any medical coverage. Consultation cost covers the visit to a very experience and dedicated physician, who will listen to you without any rush and will not treat you like less just because you don’t have healthcare insurance.


Our Rehabilitation service includes Massage and Physical Therapy. Massage Therapy is a great way to cope with stress and muscle pain. Our trained and experience therapist are ready to give you an enjoyable therapeutic massage. In addition, we also offer Physical Therapy to our patients. Physical Therapy is very important for patients with chronic pain and patients who have injured themselves. Our therapy sessions focus on returning our patients to life, work, and normal functioning more quickly. In fact, our patients typically require fewer therapy sessions and are able to recover from an injury faster than if they received therapy elsewhere. Learn more about our Physical Therapy services today by calling our office.


For our patients’ comfort, we also offer Laboratory services. Our patients do not need to go elsewhere to get their labs done. We have a lab continently inside our office, saving our patients time and money. We work with many different Lab companies to provide excellent service and prices. For those patients without insurance we have special discounts for labs, and we are certain that our prices are the lowest in the market. Call our office today to find out more information about our Laboratory services.

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